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“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” -Albert Einstein

I can quote all day until i’m blue in the face but that doesn’t mean a hill of beans to the rest of the world, as these are not my words. Although, going with the late great genius of Albert Einstein is always a safe bet. If you go with say someone like Marilyn Monroe being me especially well, then you open yourself up for much speculations. I’m here, i’m a “Born Again Blonde” who has mastered that theme over the years but likes to claim the “Undercover Brunette” concept. If you get that one, then we should do fine here:) I don’t throw punches unless you throw them first, I am not funny (but do try to be-I have a “wanna-be” sense of humor not a “natural one’), I like to be noticed but am truly timid so says my husband, I like to consider myself like “Lucille Ball’s” character “Lucy” with her crazy antics and insane ideas that never work…well, that’s me. Although, my husband would like me to be the “Aunt Bee” type from The Andy Griffith Show but that’s been done and gone for neons now!! I guess your wondering by now “What is this Blog about?” Well, “WordSMITH’S “Investigative Ink” is about newsworthy news, notable or memorable news and celebrities with their nonsense. I will be investigating on the world we live in, current events and more serious topics amongst memorable subject content with some humor in the celebrity related nonsensical situations and issues.  I know that by now your thinking “Hmm, a BLONDE is going to do “serious news” or any news for that fact?” I am going to try my best to change your theory on blondes with a little spark here and there to make you smile and possibly laugh. My motto will call it is “If you can’t make “Lemonade out of Lemons!” Why not make “Green Eggs & Ham” out of EVERYTHING???” I do want to do serious news here along side “other news” but needed a second blog to separate my “writing and books” from all the other topics I wanted to create and write about. Please take a look at my other blog for my books, writing topics, etc at: WordSMITH MaverickArtista here on wordpress but the address to find it is: ChrissySmith226.wordpress.com. So, with that being said on a more serious note here:  I am a published Author/ Writer/Creator & Publisher of my own works. I have many pub-lished books and e-books to my name. My favorite one I call “My Baby” is NO REAL ESCAPE To My Nirvana available on Createspace, PubIt, KDP, Lulu and nookpress. Also, I have written hundreds of articles for magazines, companies & people which are online and in print. I have written music lyrics in many different types of genres. I continue to write daily and am working on my newest project-my fictional drama-crime filled novel called “Kaleidoscope Eyes Through Rose-Colored Glasses”. I enjoy spending my time with my husband Jim doing whatever makes us both happy:) I also enjoy time with my three children, family, friends and last but not least my adored pets. I design silk bridal bouquets and arrangements plus doing other crafting hobbies. I am an avid fan of the NY “YANKEES” & the NY “GIANTS” no matter what their seasons may bring:) I have resided here in New York all of my life and am quite happy being here…except for the insane winter weather we had this year. But that’s just about over-the sun will come out soon enough and we will forget the past winter until the next one comes here in New York:)

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